training and events

Are you worried you lack resources, time, initiative and support to implement change? Then we have the solution for you!

We offer the following suite of packages and presentation styles:

  • 2 hour Business Productivity Review – Your Successful Business Challenge and Includes an Implementation Package.

Time2manage Series (Seminars/Workshops):

  • Time2manage – Time Management
  • Time2manage – Change management
  • Time2manage – Increasing Productivity
  • Time2manage – Goal Setting
  • Time2manage – Strategic Planning
  • Time2manage – Corporate Wellbeing

The Time2manage Seminars/Workshops are tailored to your business needs and the team participants (either 1 x full day or 2 x half day sessions). Arranged for out of hours sessions, specific venues, strategic planning and on weekends.

Contact: time2manage ph: +61 (0) 418 458 616

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